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General Elevator Design

Whether the design calls for a glass elevator that sets the tone of the home or one that is tucked away from the central areas of the home, we have the perfect one. Our elevators can be designed to match the décor. We offer options that fit a grand home as well as those ideal for townhouse and coach home living.

Two of our most popular types of elevators are hydraulic and traction elevators. Hydraulic elevators offer a smooth, quiet ride and ease of servicing as the hydraulic unit and elevator controller are located separately. Hydraulic elevators are the mainstay of the residential elevator market.

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When additional space is not available, counter-weighted traction units are often used. These elevators allow the control mechanism to be included in the elevator space, eliminating additional space requirements. Other styles, such as a winding drum type are also available.


Regardless of the type selected, we offer custom interior finishes that can match the homes interior as well as to allow the contractor to customize the interior. Glass, mirror, wood panels and trim can all be included to make the elevator cab as well appointed as the rest of the home. Wood, scissor and clear gates provide additional comfort and design.


In addition, we offer pneumatic vacuum elevators by PVE®. These air powered elevators are sleek in design, adding to the modern home’s environment. They do not require an elevator shaft, making design and installation easier in many circumstances.
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