Durable, Weather-Resistant
Elevators and Wheelchair Lifts

Outdoor elevators are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to add an elevator or lift to an existing house but don’t want to take up valuable floor space inside. There’s no need to cut through floors and concrete for a pit!

Waterfront properties and beach houses are ideal locations for an ODE.

Manufactured with marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel, our outdoor elevators are built to handle harsh, coastal weather.

white powder coated residential outdoor wheelchair lift at a waterfront home showing access to the upper deck


Manufactured with marine grade aluminum and assembled with all stainless steel hardware.

Wind Load Rating

Outdoor VPL – up to 160 MPH when properly equipped
Outdoor ODE – up to 180 MPH when properly equipped

Quick Installation

1-3 day installation time. No pre-construction shaft, pit, or machine room required.

Safe and Reliable

Built to national standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME A17.1.

DuraLyft Outdoor Elevator

Duralyft ODE-E500 – 500 lb weight capacity
Duralyft ODE-E750 – 750 lb weight capacity
  • Speed – 24 fpm
  • Drive – Winding drum or counterweight chain
  • Safety – Type A instantaneous broken cable/chain
  • Door locks – Electro-mechanical, Honeywell Reli – align
  • Operation – Constant pressure
  • Finish – Mill finish or powder coated
  • Control System – PLC based controller with VFD drive
  • Suspension – Stainless steel cable or Dacromet coated chain
  • Max travel – 35′
  • Platform sizes – 36″ x 48″ or 36″ x 54″
  • Mill Finish
  • White
  • Tan
  • Grey
  • ASME A17.1.5.3 (Approved in most states)

DuraLyft Outdoor VPL

This outdoor wheelchair lift has a fully welded, aluminum uni-body design which makes it the most durable, weather-resistant vertical platform lift on the market!


ODE-V500 500 lb
ODE-V750 750 lb

Max travel – 14′
Code – ASME A18.1

white powder coated residential outdoor wheelchair lift at a waterfront home showing access to the upper deck
White powder coated outdoor DuraLyft Outdoor VPL wheelchair lift interior view with door open
white powder coated Aspire Low Rise VPL wheelchair lift in front of stairs at a public building

Aspire Low Rise VPL

The Aspire Low Rise VPL is the perfect solution to overcome low travel barriers, such as porches, decks, patios, and steps, up to 5’ in travel height!

Wheelchairs, power scooters, or any person who struggles with stairs has safe and easy access. No enclosure is needed on this model due to the constant pressure operation and safety under-pan to detect obstructions below!

The Aspire is manufactured from marine-grade aluminum and stainless which ensures long-lasting durability and reliability. The smooth motor controls quickly transport 750 lb up to 5’ at a rate of 24 fpm!

Optional powder coating adds a finishing touch to match most home or business exteriors. Locking gates and automatic ramps are available to configure each lift to best suit the application.

The simple installation only requires a concrete pad and 120vac circuit.

Aspire Commercial Custom VPL

Looking for a robust and reliable commercial wheelchair lift? The Aspire Commercial Custom VPL is the perfect product for your commercial building or property!

Truly built to withstand the elements, the Aspire Commercial Custom VPL is manufactured from marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel!

An optional hoistway enclosure can be added and is built with square aluminum tubing and plexiglass which completely contains the lift and complies with the national elevator code for wheelchair lifts / VPLs. Add a top to the enclosure to make sure passengers are protected from the weather!

Traveling at 24 fpm, the Aspire Commercial Custom quickly and safely transports 750 lb up to 14’ of travel.

These enclosures are custom-built to fit the needs of the property. When properly configured our VPLs help comply with ADA requirements. Optional powder coating adds a finishing touch to match most building exteriors.

Aspire Commercial VPL wheelchair lift powder coated white accessing the upper deck of a home

DuraLyft Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb. (ODE-V500), 750 lb. option (ODE-V750)
  • Runs on standard 110vac power
  • 95% aluminum construction
  • Standard platform: 36”w x 48”d | Optional platform: 36″w x 54″d
  • 24 fpm travel speed
  • Soft start/stop PLC controller
  • Constant pressure operation
  • Industrial duty gear motor


  • ODE-500: Overhead Winding / Drum Gear Motor
    ODE-750: Counterweight Chain


  • ODE-500: 2 x Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Cables 1/4″ in Diameter
  • ODE-750: 2 x Dacromet Plated #40 Roller Chain
  • Type “A” instant safeties
  • Safety underpan stops lift if there is an obstruction below
  • Meets ASME A18.1 code
  • Plug N’ Play wiring makes installation quick and easy
  • Standard finish: mill finish aluminum
  • Optional finish: Powder Coated in your choice of white, gray, tan, or beige


  • 500 LB
  • 750 LB


  • 36″ W X 48″ D
  • 36″ W X 54″ D

CARRIAGE OPTIONS – Solid or Picket

Solid and Picket Style Gates for outdoor elevator

  • Same side entry/exit with solid lower panels
  • Pass through with solid lower panels
  • Pass through with picket lower panels (Picket includes a PlexiGlass skin)


  • Auto ramp on carriage
  • Carriage mounted gate/door
  • Enclosed carriages get doors and all other carriages get gates
  • Wiring modification is required if carriage mounted gate or door is selected for a three-landing unit


outdoor vpl sky canopy top with and without plexiglas enclosure

  • Sky canopy top included
  • Sky canopy top with PlexiGlas side enclosure


  • Safety underpan – standard for non-hoistway installations
  • No safety underpan when the hoistway is enclosed


  • Tower on left
  • Tower on right


Three landings will require two standoffs
ODE VPL Tower Support standoff, I-Beam, Triangle Tower Mount


  • Two landings – standard
  • Three landings


  • 18′ Standard
  • 14′ If required by code
  • Over 18′, up to 25′ – Includes tower splice


  • No tower fascia
  • Solid panel tower fascia
  • Expanded panel tower fascia (not available on the 750 lb cab)


  • Mill finish (no coating)
  • Powder coat – Gloss white
  • Powder coat – Almond
  • Powder coat – Gray


  • No lower door
  • Solid lower door
  • Picket lower door


outdoor elevator door swing left and right

LOWER DOOR FRAME EXTENSION – Based on height to lowest eave

Outdoor Elevator Lower Door Frame Extensions rendering
Reference door extension chart document for option details

Lower doors only available for same-side enter/exit or enclosed pass-through configurations

  • No lower door
  • No frame extension (for lower door)
  • 24″ frame extension (for lower door)
  • 48″ frame extension (for lower door)
  • 72″ frame extension (for lower door)


  • 1st height to lowest eave: Minimum required 85″, maximum 181″
  • 2nd height to lowest eave: Enter only if 3-stop or 2-stop with a door at the top
  • 3rd height to lowest eave: Enter only if 3-stop with a door at the top

Travel distance max, per ASME A18.1, is up to 14′ (168″). Verify with your local jurisdiction if this is the requirement.

For travel distances above 25′ (300″), contact us. Call us at 772-461-0030


  • No upper door/gate
  • Solid upper door
  • Picket upper door

Gates selected should match the carriage style, solid or picket. Picket includes Plexiglas back)

  • 36″ Upper gate – Solid aluminum
  • 42″ Upper gate – Solid aluminum
  • 36″ Upper gate – Picket style
  • 42″ Upper gate – Picket style



upper door swing illustration for outdoor elevator

UPPER GATE (measurements are gate height) OR DOOR

  • No upper door/gate
  • No frame extension (for upper door)
  • 24″ Frame extension (for upper door)
  • 48″ Frame extension (for upper door)
  • 72″ Frame extension (for upper door)

MIDDLE DOOR TYPE (for 3-landing elevator)

  • No middle door, no middle stop
  • Solid middle door
  • Picket middle door


outdoor elevator door swing left and right


  • No middle door, no middle stop
  • No frame extension (for middle door)
  • 24″ Frame extension (for middle door)
  • 48″ Frame extension (for middle door)
  • 72″ Frame extension (for middle door)


  • 6″ Recessed slab
  • 6″ Recessed footer
  • No pit, ramp by others
  • No pit, 6″ I-beam door base
  • No pit, 6″ I-beam door base, and ramp


Standard: door/gate wire 23′, motor wire 20′, traveling cable 29′

  • 9′ Door/Gate extension
  • 9′ Motor wire extension
  • 9′ Traveling cable extension


  • Float switch
  • Battery lowering
  • Upgrade door fascia to clear Plexiglas
  • Upgrade all selected Plexiglas options to tinted
  • Optional LED lightbar in the carriage
  • Call/send station (each)
  • Additional door locks (right hand)
  • Additional Door Locks (left hand)

Powder coated units require a tower splice every 90″ of I-Beam. The factory will determine if an additional splice is needed.

  • Safety underpan: stops lift from going in a downward direction when an obstruction is present.
  • Landing gates are equipped with door interlocks to prevent doors/gates from being opened when the lift or elevator is not present.
  • Audible alarm on the carriage
  • Constant pressure operation
  • Optional battery lowering
  • Manual lowering for emergencies
  • Broken cable or broken chain safeties lock the elevator to the guide rails in the unlikely event of breakage
  • Smooth facia panels are provided when needed to eliminate pinch points or shear points.

Intertek LogoThird-party inspection and compliance services are provided by Intertek. You may recognize the ETL Intertek logo from various household appliances such as toasters, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, and more.

Intertek‘s purpose is to provide testing to ensure that products meet national standards and that the products are manufactured to the same standards and design that was tested. This ensures that the end-user has a safe and reliable product that is built to national standards set forth by the American Society of mechanical engineers, ASME.

To become listed and authorized to apply the Intertek certification label, our products were thoroughly tested in controlled laboratories and proven to be safe. The design criteria are analyzed to ensure it meets national standards and specifications.

Every fastener, relay, wiring, wire type, terminal block, power supply etc. was tested and analyzed. Once our products passed the testing phase, we were granted authorization to the mark. In order to apply the decal we must build the product exactly the same way as they were tested. To ensure that manufacturers comply with this requirement, quarterly spot checks are performed. An Intertek inspector visits the factory quarterly, unannounced, and verifies the product is being built within spec.

Intertek is an important partner to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.